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How to better understand consumers in Micro-Moments

Today there are thousands of micro-moments that occur every time people spontaneously come to their smartphones (or the nearest device) to respond to a specific need to do something, find information, entertain or make a purchase. Are the marks of both these little moments of intention? And, even more, is it that they take advantage of these opportunities to better connect with their consumers?

Understanding is not an easy task. It requires the development of a discipline to connect with the deeper needs of the users.

“Successful brands will be those that best understand the intent of the user and that, in the best way, meet the needs of the consumer.”

On average, the percentage of mobile device sessions in Latin America has skyrocketed: in Peru and Colombia it has doubled, although the time per visit has been reduced by between 20 and 30% throughout the region. What does this mean? The advancement of mobile device technology enables you to search for information, research or buy a product anytime, anywhere, but consumers expect you to spend less and less time on a particular task. And in the whole process, there is only one protagonist: the mobile device.

But, what strategies can be implemented to succeed in micro-moments? Here, three fundamental:

To be. You should anticipate the micro-moments of your industry consumers and then commit to being present to help you when you have those moments.

Be useful. It should be relevant to the needs of the users at the time and connect people with the answers they seek.

Be fast. They are called micro-moments for a reason. Users of mobile devices want to know, buy, go and have immediate answers. Your experience with mobile devices should be quick and trouble-free.

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