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Psychological Keys for a successful entrepreneurship

If you had time to sit down alone for a while and think about what precise moment of your life you have taken away the strength and desire to pursue your goals. If you knew when it was that they deposited you directly in a safe routine and safe that little by little it was consuming you. And if only you could know why you accepted it without even a hint of useless rebellion. Maybe, and just maybe, there would be a way to erase everything and start over. To resume forgotten or never learned practices to build scaffolding to build your dreams.

Why of every 100 entrepreneurs or talented professionals only 10% manages to rise with the distinction of the objective fulfilled?

Adults are constantly debating issues related to work activity, emergencies, deliveries and family requirements. But they take time and dedication to issues as transcendent as the emotional load of past experiences, self-knowledge and learning positive beliefs that stimulate and enhance desires and desires rather than cancel or stop them. Psychic activity determines mood and shapes the personality in favor or detriment of the aspirations of each individual. That is why, after analyzing the psychological phenomena that most hinder the process of growth and realization.


That terrible feeling of vulnerability, fragility and even inferiority that stands in the right decision making is what is popularly called emotional insecurity. Erik Erikson, a German psychologist and sociologist, postulated in his theory of development that it is in the first years of a human being’s life when experiences are acquired that will become a safe or insecure adult in a given context.

The clearest sign to determine insecurity is to assess the behavior of people in society. Someone who behaves in an excessively shy, withdrawn, paranoid or antisocial way can hide within them a very low value, and feelings of being less than others. Otherwise it is that which shows itself to be egoist, arrogant or aggressive, which is nothing more than an insecurity camouflaged by a mechanism of defense that the only thing that strives is to stop suffering, but never achieve it.

Negative thoughts about oneself, the fear of being defrauded or not getting the wishes are an obstacle that an entrepreneur must restructure in order to successfully fulfill their desires. Although from psychoanalysis to brief therapies are an acceptable way to find the emotional balance that allows a high esteem and freedom of choice of how to be and to reach, there are also daily exercises of reflection that make it possible to develop self- Acceptance and fulfillment.

Need for Recognition

The ego of people constantly needs to be recognized for their actions and activities. Children at school, professionals in their offices, athletes or couples always express in one way or another the prevailing need for another to approve and reward what is being done. The popular myths and the advice of the grandmothers always advise that if you want to hurt someone you have to “kill them with indifference”. The perfect antonym for recognition is precisely being indifferent to one’s efforts or achievements.

The error of recognition that prevents one from growing and realizing one’s dreams is when the ego in its desire to seek admiration or applause deflects the way and forces the person to make decisions for others and not for oneself. Then being too aware of the recognition of a boss, a couple or a parent becomes a source that sucks energy and generates frustration and resentment in the case of not finding the expected response. In order to be able to carry out a business or other project, it is necessary to detach from the opinion of others that is often subjective and circumstantial, and address the real causes that mobilize an action. Replacing the recognition of others, who can often be late, slow or never, by self-recognition is for the psychologist Abraham Maslow the key to realization.

Scared to be your self

The conformation of the self as the epicenter of all psychic activity is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing and difficult to decode mysteries. In each individual there is a world of experiences, pains, joys, losses, achievements and frustrations that, together with social relations with first-degree circles such as family and friends, and later work and love make up the personality and identity Personal and cultural. Critics, reproaches, failures as well as a distorted negative image of oneself lead to a person hiding their true essence and relegating to past oblivion events that cause him sadness.

The real inconvenience occurs when the fear of exposing oneself, speaking in the first person or showing oneself completely is so great that illusory masks are created that temporarily stop the pain, but inevitably with the passage of time they produce stagnation and lack of concrete achievements. Every project or undertaking requires a human being capable of having the courage to be one by exposing positive experiences and minimizing negative ones. Knowing yourself unique, different and with the ability to achieve any desired goal should be the engine to overcome firm fear and fear of being yourself.

Inability to change

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus postulated about 500 BC that change is the cause and origin of all things. His way of expressing himself and showing knowledge earned him the nickname of “The Dark One of Ephesus”, but by breaking down his thought we find that his explanation can be simple. “In the same rivers we enter and we do not enter, because we are and we are not the same.”

Change is inherent in life, necessary and impossible to stop. Just as the waters of a river are never the same, people can not be. Pablo Neruda in his eternal poem resumes pre-Socratic thinking by saying “We the ones then, we are not the same”.

Thoughts such as “I can not change,” “I am like that,” “I do not have the ability,” “I was not raised for this,” not only unrealistic, but also frustrating personal and business goals. Encouraging oneself to leave the area of comfort that holds the soul, to imagine in a different place and with a different personality is one of the most important steps to achieve happiness and longed for growth.


Living waiting for the future and getting ahead of the facts is one of the most desperate and useless sensations that may exist. The anxiety outside the healthy limits that move us to walk, is one of the factors that at present more limitations causes and slows growth. Social phobia, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic attacks or generalized anxiety are some of the disorders that are generated by a psyche that does not adequately process reality or its components.

Even without falling into a specific disorder, pathological anxiety causes paralysis, lack of sound decisions and a pessimistic and obscure attitude towards life. Cognitive behavioral therapies can in a short time channel the mind and are a perfect ally to return to resume that project that is delayed by fear.

The businesses or undertakings are carried out by people who, to a greater or lesser degree, have encountered defects, obstacles and failures, but who differ from others because of the firm conviction of going ahead by modifying what is necessary and learning what it takes to succeed.

To achieve success in business and to enjoy it, you have to start with the inner revolution.

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