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3 Consumer truths in promotional season

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Did you know that around 30 million users plan to participate in this year's discount season? Because of these events in the region, we bring you insights and tips to connect with consumers at different points of the shopping journey.

A new season of promotions is coming, which promises to be more digital than ever. After a year in which consumer behaviors and their relationship with brands changed, e-commerce is gaining ground, boosted by the need for people to find safe and convenient ways to buy. In turn, some habits are deepening: people plan their purchases and investigate in multiple channels. A key fact: almost half of the consumers who will participate in this season of promotions are new e-shoppers “born” during the pandemic.

How to better plan your strategies, then, in this season of discounts? We have identified three truths that can help you:

1. Chance

57% of Latin American consumers still do not know about promotional events.3 And that percentage rises to 87% in countries like Colombia.4 It is clear that the more knowledge, the greater the sales potential. We are facing a good time to get more consumers to know discount events such as the Hot Sale and to face better branding strategies.

2. E-Commerce

More than 78% of consumers discover available offers online5, while digital is present not only at the product research stage but also at the time of conversion. During this season of discounts, 65% of Internet users will prefer to buy digitally and receive at home6, with the cell phone being a fundamental device at the time of purchase. In fact, 54% of users who bought in the last season of promotions did so through mobile.

3. Motivations

44% of retail shoppers bought a new category online for the first time in 2020.8 Those new e-shoppers add more variety to the audience with their multiple purchase reasons (offers, quota availability, delivery times, fulfillment sanitary measures, etc). For example, in Argentina, the possibility of buying with financing is a driver for 48% of consumers who are between 55 and 64 years old, while for those who are between 18 and 24 years old they only represent 26%.

The best way to anticipate the opportunities that the promotional season will bring is to show more relevant ads based on user intent signals and use automation to take advantage of demand in real-time. Both during the awareness stage and in the consideration and purchase, the great challenge is in offering creative solutions aligned with the new concerns of consumers.

By Andrea Vera and Miguel Alonso


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