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6 trends that will turn you into an expert in content marketing.

With the changes in the use of the Internet new trends in content marketing are marked, opening up new market niches that will increase the competitiveness of an increasingly saturated market.

The content is everything that exists on the internet, videos, e-books, blog entries, digital catalogs, websites and even the comments you leave in our posts. With content marketing, which is used as part of Inbound Marketing, users are offered that content but looking for the desired goal, be it conversion, generate more followers, etc. And generating engagement with the user.

In this article, we will introduce you to the six trends that will make you an expert in content marketing and what you should apply if you want to achieve good results.

1. Create custom content

Users are increasingly turning to the Internet for searching. The problem is that there are many websites with similar content and offer exactly the same, so there will be exploited niches in which you probably do not have the same opportunity. If you follow a strategy of personalized and creative content you can connect with users.

2. Infographics and personalized images are imposed

One of the trends of content marketing for this 2017 will be the commitment to visual content. Having custom content on your website with interest for the users you want to connect with is critical, but that will not be enough.

Adding more color and images to your blog will create more interest. The texts with images are shared much more in the networks and they achieve a better engagement. Infographics are a trend because they allow you to explain concepts graphically and can be shared more easily.

3. The video is the bet in all digital media

The videos not only make the user stay longer in your publications, but also enrich the content. You can create your own videos to attach with your articles, or share those already made by adding the source.

The chance that your web page will be better positioned will be much higher.

4. Work on your SEO strategy

Without SEO content is not achieved much. With it, search engine algorithms like Google will position you better in results when a user searches for content like the one he shares. You can learn basic SEO techniques by yourself or you can hire a professional to optimize your site.

5. Segment to your audience

Less is more in most of the time. It’s no good that people who just go by the way are in contact with your web. If your intention is the conversion, you must look to which audience your efforts will be focused and that applies for any objective that you have marked. The key is to position yourself in a specific niche and with certain keywords, always using SEO and working on your web content, making your page more attractive.

6. Mobile-focused content

For some time, Google has penalized websites that do not have a responsive site. In addition to this, every day web pages are most visited from mobile devices. It is important that when choosing your web design, it is adapted for mobile phones.

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