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7 Ideas to build customer loyalty and multiply your sales

Some argue that the world of marketing and marketing of products and services is complex, arduous and full of costly and structured mechanisms. That if they are carried out successfully will result in an important achievement for a brand and will determine its growth. There, in the midst of a labor vortex, hundreds of professionals are lost in metrics, statistics, social networks and internal office discussions. Forgetting at times that the true key to a prestigious company is customer service and the degree of satisfaction that they feel.

“If you really manage to impress them, customers will tell each other. The word that circulates from mouth to mouth is very powerful”. Jeff Bezos

However, what seems easy to say becomes complicated in practice, since to impact an audience requires quality of service, speed in the resolution of problems and transmission of corporate and professional values ​​with true vocation of service; that can be that bridge that connects consumers with the company, generating in this way confidence and tranquility.

Now, we can affirm that if each of us as clients reacts positively or negatively to certain facts, it is very likely that by inductive property the great majority of the audience will be affected in the same way in similar situations. So, why not base a strategy of loyalty and customer satisfaction on our own experiences as consumers?

To help you shoot your creativity and provide the best customer service, and that you try to keep choosing your brand over the others, we bring you 10 ideas of how to build loyalty to your audience

1. Send newsletters periodically

Establish a channel of periodic communication with your clients, where you can offer them the latest news and offers of your company, and also news of the sector. It usually prefixes a fixed or established day for your email marketing and always generates quality content. Your audience will reward you without ever forgetting about you. The true essence of good email marketing is to create a sense of curiosity and well-being when you see your mail in the inbox, either by new products or offers, or by academic or educational material that actually serves a specific purpose. Here the vital point is to understand that not by sending many emails is good use of the tool. Spammers generate saturation and annoyance. Remember that sometimes less is more.

2. Provide a free ebook and show your expertise

Your experience in the business has surely turned you into a specialist in your sector, and without a doubt you have important knowledge for your clients. Create an ebook, and download it for free from your website. Your company will distinguish itself as a benchmark in the sector, and as an expert who does not hesitate to share their knowledge.

3. It offers an excellent customer service

Every time you get a client, do not forget everything that has cost you to obtain it. From the direct expenses to that management as the time of meetings, generation of proposals, travel expenses, brochures. Or indirect ones, such as events, marketing campaigns, etc. Being aware of this will allow you to focus on the fact that customer service is an investment, and not an expense of your company. Consumers do not expect you to be perfect but if they want to be treated with respect and dedication.

4. Surprise your consumers

According to scientists Paul Ekman and Wallace V. Friesen, surprise is one of the 6 basic human emotions. Try to positively surprise your customers periodically. Give those customers who appreciate the most an unexpected benefit, be it a small additional gift with your order or an additional service not contemplated contractually. Strategic alliances with companies in complementary sectors are a great source of customer loyalty for both parties. That is, a brand of women’s or men’s clothing can be associated with a cosmetics company or body care products to offer differential benefits to its customers.

5. Organize and sponsor events

By organizing or participating in an event, you will be able to generate memorable experiences in your clients, provide valuable knowledge, and create essential emotional ties to maintain long-term relationships. These actions will place your company at the top of the ranking and in the recognition of the public.

6. Generates Engagement through social networks

Remember that although social networks are not direct sales spaces, they have become an authentic channel for the expression of ideologies, values, music and humor, all of which are essential elements for a faithful audience. You use intelligence, creativity, and long-term vision, and you will surely be rewarded for it.

7. Remember the end of the year gifts

Memories tell that entrepreneurial gifts began in the nineteenth century, when a shoe factory gave out bags of books printed with their name to local schools, at the behest of an impresario named Jasper Meeks, who thus became the father of this industry. Not for old, it stops being effective. Innovate and amaze your customers with original and valuable gifts. They will be expectant every year to receive them, and it will be an additional reason to remain firm with your company.

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