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Get quality lead in 4 stages with attraction marketing

Inbound Marketing or, as we will call throughout this note, Attraction Marketing, is a methodology that has quickly become an essential part of marketing strategies in Latin America.

This unique strategy approaches brands with their potential customers through the delivery of relevant content; Focusing on attracting the right visitors to the business and converting these into loyal customers.

The four elements that will focus on these stages are: attract, convert, sell and enchant.


One of the basic principles of Attraction Marketing is to not go looking for prospects who do not need your product, but to put themselves in front of those who are already looking for it.

Before you can generate those valuable leads, you must first think about how you are going to drive the right traffic to your website. This starts with a plan that outlines the various tactics you are going to use to attract the right people to your site and, more importantly, the tactics that will make it come back for more.

Content Marketing

Marketing in social networks

Web optimization

SEO (search engine optimization)


The purpose is to get contact information from your visitors, but often they will not deliver it freely.

In order to get the contact information your visitors, you need to offer something of value in return.

This usually comes in the form of freely available content, such as e-books, technical documents, seminars, etc.

When you provide your visitors with quality content that is aligned with their interests, you have a greater likelihood of naturally converting those leads into potential customers.

Every customer goes through three stages during their buying process and you must offer different types of content at each stage:

CTA (calls to action)

Landing pages

Thank you pages


At this stage, the so-called “marketing automation” comes into play, which involves implementing techniques in the middle and the bottom of the sales funnel, so that, in an automated way, sales can be closed.

It is made up of the following techniques:

Lead Scoring (monitor each record with punctuation)

Lead Nurturing (deliver content according to each User depending on scoring)

Email marketing (personalized emails to each user)


Preserving your committed customers is essential to success, and so watch out for them to become the top ambassadors of your brand. Keep them very satisfied and make them come back for more personalized value offers.

To end

Through a Attraction Marketing strategy, all your commercial actions are more specific as they point directly to users who are already interested in buying a department or a property. On the other hand, all these steps are designed to reduce your ROI, since according to Hubspot, each lead produced by Content Marketing costs 60% less than one produced by traditional marketing.


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