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Events that your brand cannot miss

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

For marketers, keeping up with new consumer interests can be challenging.

But even in an unpredictable scenario, they need to plan the key moments of the year to accompany them and be present on their journey. Guide yourself with this calendar to design relevant strategies that connect with your audience in 2022.

In a world still navigating uncertainty, consumer needs and interests are changing rapidly. We know that the shopping journey has inevitably changed since the pandemic and that, although e-commerce will continue to consolidate, experiences in physical stores will be transformed to create a true omnichannel reality.

Also, we know that people are increasingly aware of their purchase decisions: not only the channel and the time to make it, but also the criteria that guide the choice of the product and the brand. Sustainability, the purposes that guide the actions of companies, respect for privacy and the personalization of the shopping experience are some of the demands that marketers cannot ignore if they want to connect in a relevant way with their customers. hearings.

With this data in mind, we bring you some insights so that, in 2022, you can design an agile marketing strategy that adapts to the needs of each important date.

Summer and winter holidays

42% of Latin Americans plan to travel within their countries this summer2, and the trend to connect with natural spaces will continue throughout 2022, not only in winter but also during long weekends. The "microcations" (holidays of a few days) seem to mark the pulse of consumers. Being aware of what your users are looking for in a scenario as changing as the current one is essential and, in this sense, Google Trends is a great ally to create a successful Search strategy. This tool helps you measure consumer search behaviors and gain key insights about your competitors in real-time.

Valentine's Day

The prolonged quarantine and social distancing made people look for more meaningful and original gifts, especially for their lovers. Weekend getaways and romantic dinners are positioned among the favorite options for this year. Remember that video is one of the tools that most help users make decisions. Therefore, being present with a message on YouTube can be a great idea.

Back to school

Each country has already announced the minimum number of days of classes that will be taught in 2022. With that school calendar in hand, you can anticipate and resolve the questions and concerns that your clients may have when they return to the classroom. To inspire you to action, keep in mind that more than 1 billion learning-related videos are played on YouTube every day5 and that video tutorial is a great resource for responding to new needs. You don't have to be an expert filmmaker.

Father's Day and Mother's Day

When designing your sales strategy for these dates, keep in mind that your brand can help make different family models visible and break certain stereotypes. For a campaign that truly reflects the diversity, incorporate different voices into the creative process to portray the reality experienced by different mothers and fathers in the region.

International pride day

Marketing has the power to reinforce or break stereotypes. For this reason, brands have a key role to play when developing campaigns and actions that respect the diversity of cultures and people. And this is a commitment that must be assumed throughout the year, beyond being able to accompany punctually on special dates. When creating campaigns for LGBTQ+ people, be careful not to fall into rainbow washing. One way to do this is to avoid using symbols or empty actions, such as simply changing the colors in your logo or using LGBTQ+ symbols. Leverage your communication to show deeper awareness and a clear connection between your brand and philanthropic causes or tangible benefits to consumers in this community.

National holidays

Regional gastronomy, typical dances, family, or social rituals will once again be protagonists during various festivities in 2022. Revisiting those dates, their origins, and their typical elements can help twist them, to inject new and inspiring characteristics. Recipes on YouTube can enhance family gatherings, just as content creators can help highlight those people who take up the values of the heroes of each country.

Soccer world cup in Qatar

For those who cannot travel to see the matches in the stands, feeling close to the players and all the details of the World Cup will be a priority. Exclusive, high-quality video content will make a difference. It is also worth taking into account the growing tendency of Latin Americans to invest in articles and products that revitalize and make life at home more comfortable: connected TVs and co-viewing will tilt the field this year.

Discount season

Did you know that 25% of Latin Americans start looking for the products of their interest between 2 and 3 months before the discount season?11 Although e-commerce is expected to continue growing in 2022, we must not lose sight of the importance of omnichannel experiences. In the face of key dates such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, retailers must focus on essential values for consumers, such as privacy, security at checkout, and product delivery.

End of the year

82% of total sales by 2025 will come from physical stores.13 In addition to becoming distribution centers, these places continue to offer direct contact with products. On the other hand, marketers must make decisions according to consumer insights: those who buy online prefer marketplaces (especially in Argentina and Mexico) and websites (especially in Chile and Peru), while purchases made directly in applications also increased.

The important thing, then, will be to be present at the decision-making moments throughout the purchase process. That doesn't just mean providing high-quality information about what people are actively searching for, but also offering inspirational content to pique their interest. Offering multiple options and flexibility is the best strategy to meet expectations and optimize experiences.

Autor: Vicky Fernández

Gerenta de Data, Insights y Optimización, Google Hispanoamérica

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